"Discover How to Easily Turn Your Hobby or Interests Into Extra Money with Your Own Email Newsletter"

Internet Publishing Expert Ron Douglas Reveals the Simple System He Used to Build a Six-Figure Newsletter with Over 160,000 Subscribers in the Tell-All Online Course "Newsletter Marketing Magic"

From Ron Douglas

Dear Friend,


   I don't want to insult your intelligence by telling you that making money is easy.  There is no such thing as 'get rich quick.'  If that's what you were expecting - sorry, thanks for visiting my site.

   However, what I'm about to share with you is as close as you'll ever come to being able to print money whenever you need it - thanks to the power of the Internet.  You owe it to yourself to take a minute to read this entire letter.


   Imagine being able to make money from any computer in the world and at anytime (including during your lunch break or while tanning on the beach) just by sending an email to your newsletter subscribers.  I know that sounds unbelievable, but let me explain...


   For example:  Let's hypothetically say, you have a list of 1,000 subscribers - which you can easily achieve in a short period of time.  They all subscribed to your free weight loss newsletter, so you know what they're interested in.  Therefore, you send them information that will educate them on achieving their goal of losing weight. Overtime, they begin to know and trust you.  They start to see you as the weight loss expert.  And they look forward to your emails because you're always trying to help them.  Now whenever you recommend a product or service, you can expect that some of them will buy it. 


   Let's take a closer look.  For instance, you earn $20 for each sale of a fitness guide you recommend.  Out of 1,000 subscribers, let's conservatively say 5% of them buy the product.  That's 50 sales x $20 per sale = $1,000 just for sending out an email to your small list of 1,000 subscribers.  Are you starting to see the power of this?


   How long would it take to build a list of 1,000 subscribers?  Well, if you're offering a free report or something valuable, do you think you can get 25 people per day to sign up on your site?  If so, it would take you under 6 weeks to reach 1,000 subscribers.  You can do this with practically any niche.


The Bottom Line is, There is No Easier Way to Make Extra Money or Build a Relationship with Your Customers Than Starting an Email Newsletter


I will show you step by step how to do it properly and give you all the tools you need to get started.  There is literally no reason you can't start your email newsletter today by following my system.

  • You don't need to be a web designer or technical person.  I'll give you a website template you can use and show you where to get hosting and how to quickly set it all up.

  • You don't need to spend a lot of money to get started.  I'll show you where to get free software and a free newsletter sending service.

  • You don't need to be a good writer.  I'll show you where to find royalty free content and writers who are eager to send you articles to use for your newsletter.

  • You don't need to be an expert or guru.  All you really need is to know more about a topic than the average person or simply provide articles written by experts.  I'll show you where to quickly find articles you can use without any copyright concerns.

  • You don't even need your own product.  I'll show you where to find sites that will pay you a commission for all sales referred through your unique link to their site. 

   After years of running several extremely profitable Newsletters, I decided to share with others some of the secrets that I have learned from my own trials, research, and experience. After all, the best teachers are those who have succeeded themselves, and I want to help you learn from my own success.

   In "Newsletter Marketing Magic", you'll gain privileged access to hard-won knowledge that I've gained through several years of publishing my own highly successful newsletters. I won't waste your time with hype, or try to sell you anything in it. Instead, you will find it filled with factual information that you can use, to create your own highly successful newsletter (or to write for others).

Newsletters Online Are Growing At An Astonishing Rate!

   People are eager to learn about topics of interest to them, and online newsletter subscriptions have now surpassed magazine subscriptions today. In fact, they are the magazines of the online world today, delivered conveniently to subscriber's email boxes. Best of all, newsletters can:

  • Drive targeted traffic to your site
  • Increase your opt-in email list
  • Increase your own credibility, as others see your expertise on a topic
  • Give your online business valuable exposure that no other method can achieve
  • Boost your website and affiliate sales through the roof - by building a trusting relationship with your subscribers

   Newsletters are the most effective marketing tool available today for online businesses. I can vouch for this, since my own Newsletters have boosted traffic significantly to my own sites-and the traffic keeps increasing each week.

In "Newsletter Marketing Magic", I'll share with you how to:

Publish your own Newsletter, even if you can't write! (it's possible, if you know how to find quality content)

Determine your Newsletter niche, and create a publication that delivers what your subscribers want to read. Ill show you how to do market research (that's free!) that will help you target your Newsletter even more effectively-and make your list grow.

What to write about. And if you have trouble choosing a topic, I'll help and offer you advice on how to create quality articles from the title to the ending. I even share how to get interviews, create reviews, news stories and engaging editorials, and other methods of creating outstanding articles.

Learn how to build interactivity into your Newsletter: People today want to interact with others, and your Newsletter should have this, or your readers will go to others. Find out how to create interactivity, and use it to learn more about your readers and their needs, while increasing its popularity.

Think about it: a Newsletter is your own free, "virtual public relations campaign" that can reach thousands of readers. This isn't 'hype' or over-promising; it's a realistic description of how getting published can impact how you-and your business-are perceived online.

You'll Also Discover How To Write (Or Even Get Others To Write!), Publish, And Promote Your Own Online Newsletter.

You'll learn why:

Many authors are willing to write for you for free, and how to get them to do it. I'll even share with you where to find them.

Publishing can be easier than you realized. You'll learn the best methods of layout, formatting, and fonts for your Newsletter. I don't leave anything to chance, and will share with you tried and true formats that have succeeded and brought me thousands of dollars each week in income.

I share a complete template for creating a successful Newsletter with you: starting with the title (choosing the right one is so important), I then walk you through each part of creating an outstanding Newsletter. In each section I discuss:

The header: Choose a well-designed one to delight your readers, and you'll increase your Newsletters acceptance.
The body: How you lay out your Newsletter can make all the difference between one that's viewed as professional and one that gets deleted.
The footer: Learn how the pros end their Newsletters, with elements that you must have.

Charging fees to subscribe to your Newsletter: This is simple to do, and can bring you income if your content is of high quality, and you know how to demonstrate value to your readers. Ill show you how its done, from the web site promotion to the best methods of changing over from free to paid.

You May Be Thinking, "But I've Never Published Anything, And I'm Not Sure If I Can Do This"

   That's why I've designed "Newsletter Marketing Magic" to literally mentor you through each step of the process. I know that when I was starting out. I wish someone had taken the time to teach me what they knew. Someone with real life, creditable experience, who was a verified success. Those were the people I wanted to learn from.

   Well, I've succeeded, and I'm sharing with you, as an online mentor, the secrets that have caused my own subscriptions to skyrocket.

I'll Teach You The Secrets Of Publishing Success, Including:

  • How often to publish your Newsletter for best results (get this wrong, and you could lose your subscribers!

  • How to use your Newsletter to increase your email list exponentially.

  • How to create a killer web site to promote your Newsletter (and why you want to do this).

  • How to administer your Newsletter: everything about the "back end" made simple from database management, to handling subscribes and unsubscribes.

  • How to handle the growth, because if you follow the methods that I outline for you in my course, your subscriptions and site traffic will grow, and grow, and grow. I'll show you how to prepare for it, and what to do when it happens.

  • Making your Newsletter compatible with most mail clients: tips for helping it get through, get read, and get talked about!

  • Common problems with mailings: how to avoid being labeled as Spam, and dealing with bounces.

  • Outstanding resources: I discuss some of the best list services, areas to promote your Newsletter, and a list of dozens of resources that can help you create a winning Newsletter.

  • I even share with you some of the better Newsletter publishing software, that helps you fully automate the process (you'll want to do this as your list grows to save yourself time and effort.)

You'll Learn How To Earn Thousands, Through Selling Ads In The Very Newsletter That Promotes Your Business!

   While the real purpose of publishing a Newsletter is to grow your email list, there's another benefit as well: you can earn income from selling advertising in it. Did you know that in the more popular Newsletters, ad space goes for hundreds of dollars? For placement in each issue?

   You'll discover how to get people to place ads that will earn you income in every issue of your Newsletter. You'll earn money, as others read your Newsletter, and your brand identity gets established in their minds with each publication. I'll even show you how to get them to send issues to their friends, and get the word out to others.

   As your subscription base starts growing, others will be eager to place their ads. First, you will have established a network of targeted clients, who have indicated that they are interested in the topic that your Newsletter addresses.

   Those who sell related services will pay money good money to have their ad included in your Newsletter-if you know how to do this the right way. That's key, and Ill teach you how its done, including:

  • Where to place ads for maximum impact.

  • Common advertising mistakes that beginners make that can kill a Newsletter.

  • The best ratio for ads and content (this is one of the biggest differences between success and failure).

  • How to approach others about advertising in your Newsletter (and word your offer to make your proposal highly attractive to them).

  • Ad and article swaps: when this makes sense, and why so many do this.

  • Advice on developing joint venture partners: learn why the top Newsletter publishers have partners (and where to find them), and why promoting one another's products can bring in much more income (and many more readers) than other methods.

Newsletters Are The Best-Kept Secret In The Online World!

   When you have Newsletter subscribers, they are asking you to market your services, your knowledge, your expertise to them on a regular basis. It's as if they are saying, "Please market to me, as long as you share good articles that I can learn from as well."

   You'll enjoy other benefits of publishing your very own Newsletter, including:

  • Low cost: there's no other method of self-promotion that costs so little, and gains you so much. Because Newsletters are electronically created, there's no paper, no fees, no upfront deposits. All you need is your own computer and keyboard, and you're ready to start.
  • Establishment of your expertise. Newsletters are one of the best methods of demonstrating to others your knowledge, since you're sharing that knowledge with them in each issue you send their way. Expertise translates into "reliability", and you will be promoting your business in one of the most powerful ways known in the marketing world.
  • I've created my course, "Newsletter Marketing Magic" to be a reference book that you will refer to time and again. It isn't just a few tips, masquerading as information. This course is chock-filled with real meat, reliable information that will show you every single step to take to creating a successful Newsletter.
  • I haven't left anything to chance, because I know what it's like to want, and need, good, useful advice from someone who knows what they're doing (and how frustrating reading sales hype and fluff can get when you expected more). I know what I'm doing (I make part of my living selling products using newsletters and selling content online) and I'll share with you each secret of my own success.
  • I break publishing your Newsletter down into small, easily managed steps that anyone can follow. I show you how to get started, what you'll need to do, and how to publish and profit from it. You'll learn from my own years of marketing content online, as I put the steps that have worked for me into an easy-to-read (and follow) logical sequence. Think of it as blueprints for building your own highly successful online newsletter.

   I even give you a sample template in my online course, that you can modify and use for yourself. It has all the elements in all the right places. Just cut and paste, put in your content, and your Newsletter will look professional.

   I also include a sample welcome letter to greet new subscribers. I wanted you to see exactly how its done with these concrete examples. Again, just add your name and your Newsletter title to it, and you have a letter ready to send out!

In "Newsletter Marketing Magic," I'll Show You:

  • Ideas for great Newsletters that people want to read.
  • How to write content for your Newsletter (or where to find it FREE if you can't write a word yourself!).
  • Headlines that sell, and how to write them.
  • Getting great interviews that others want to read.
  • Layout and formatting that are irresistible, and why.
  • The best software for publishing your Newsletter.
  • How to increase your subscribers, even if you start with none, and get thousands within months.
  • How to promote your business or service successfully in your Newsletter.
  • The top beginner mistakes to avoid.
  • Getting past spam filters: things every legitimate mailer needs to know.

   I went all out in this course to help ensure your success. This is why I teach you not only the basics of publishing your only highly successful Newsletter, I take you through advanced tips and methods that the pros use.

You'll Learn Secrets That Successful Newsletter Publishers (Including Me!) Use, Such As:

  • Elements that pull subscribers in like crazy.
  • Creating subject lines that get opened.
  • How to use your Newsletter to generate sales leads.
  • Viral marketing methods to get the word out about your Newsletter.
  • Where, when and how to promote your Newsletter (and how to write a successful ad for the promotion).
  • How to test your Newsletter before sending out the first issue.
  • Where to go for help as your list grows (and it will if you follow these steps!).

   By ordering "Newsletter Marketing Magic," you'll learn the secrets that the real pros use to keep subscribers coming back time and again.

   I'll teach you how to identify your audience (your readership), and how to effectively target your Newsletter to reach them. Newsletters are growing online, and people are eager to subscribe to them, and even to pay to subscribe, IF you give them the information that they are asking for.

   I'll discuss how to discover what they really want to know, and provide it. Within just a few months, you'll be earning income directly from your Newsletter subscriptions, as well as driving traffic to your web site!

   At this point, you may be thinking, "This sounds pretty good, but it also sounds like a lot of hard work." This is why one full chapter will be devoted to methods of making publishing your Newsletter simple, with recommendations on software and list management systems that do the work for you.

   When you order "Newsletter Marketing Magic", you'll receive all of this and much, much more.

Just A Short Sample Of More Of The Information You Will Receive In "Newsletter Marketing Magic":

  • Interactivity: key to increasing readers and subscribers.
  • Learn how to create online polls and feedback links that allow readers to tell you what they want to learn and read about.
  • I'll even share samples with you, to help you get started with your own.
  • Discover how to create a discussion forum online related to your Newsletter (and use reader questions and comments to give direction to your Newsletter content)
  • Learn the value of follow-up emails, and how and when to use them

   Why am I sharing with you hard-earned secrets, and ideas that have taken me years to learn myself? Because I'm a firm believer that what a person gives in this life, is what they will receive. It's foundational in my own business, and is the reason for my own success (along with hard work, that is!). And I believe that mentoring others is one of the most satisfying, rewarding things a person can do.

   This course is my "gift" back to the world, and the result of learning from many others myself along the way. I've decided to literally 'share the wealth' with you, by giving you the tools to create your own highly successful Newsletter. Whether it's the best methods for formatting your Newsletter (and the pros and cons of each one), to design methods that increase your own branding in customer minds, and even the types of content that establish your personal expertise, I'll teach you how.

   You'll learn what headers to avoid to get past spam filters, and how to create a logo that looks sharp.

   I'll even teach you what to include in your table of contents, and where to put it! And how to let readers contact you (and where contact information in your Newsletter, to maximize response rates).

I'm Not A Techno-Geek, And Not Sure I Can Manage An Email List...

If you've said (or even thought this), I'll show you how to manage a Newsletter mail list with methods that anyone-and I do mean anyone-can follow. You'll learn about:

  • Automated lists, and how to let them do the work for you.
  • When to get help, and where to find it-inexpensively.
  • List service, or list software: which is best? I'll show you pros and cons of each, including free services.

   It's all here, in "Newsletter Marketing Magic." When you order your copy, you'll receive what is literally a complete manual that you can refer to time and time again, that shows you the 'ins and outs' of creating a highly successful (and income-producing) Newsletter.

   Think about it. Each and every time you send out your Newsletter, your profits will escalate, if you use the methods I teach you in this information-filled course.

   At this point, you're probably wondering how expensive this is. After all, publishing and marketing information like this normally doesn't come cheap, if you can find it at all.

   I'm selling my course for an extremely low price; for less than the price of taking a friend out for a good dinner nowadays. But this course will give you the tools to pay for a lifetime of dinners (along with your rent, car payment, and other bills) when you use the techniques that I share with you in "Newsletter Marketing Magic". You can purchase it for the phenomenal introductory price of only $69.99 $37.

YES! I want this exclusive course entitled "Newsletter Marketing Magic."  I understand I will receive a step-by-step guide to starting and running my own successful online newsletter. 

I will receive instant access to "Newsletter Marketing Magic" immediately after I make payment.

I understand this offer has a 60-day ironclad money-back guarantee. So if the course does not deliver what it promised, I can return it for a prompt and courteous refund.

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   You won't regret your decision. And I'm looking forward to reading your new Newsletter online; a Newsletter that will start driving traffic to your web site, and pulling in income for you.

Here's to starting your own successful publication.


Ron Douglas

P.S. Did I mention that I completely guarantee that you'll be delighted with this course, filled with information and useful tools? It's completely risk-free to order, because I'm offering you a 100%, absolute money-back guarantee: if you aren't satisfied with the practical, workable tips and advice offered in Newsletter Marketing Magic, I'll refund 100% of the purchase price.



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